Friday, November 16, 2012

"Our God And Our Father"

"Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father." Galatians 1:4
"God and our Father". For thousands of years mankind has been serving gods. Each culture has had their gods that they have prayed to and worshipped. Of course there is only one true and living God and all others have been and are false. But in man's worship of these false gods, we see a certain distinction that separates who/what they worship from the Christian God. Their gods are only an object of worship and service. That is all. They bow before them, they seek to make them happy, they call upon them for help.. period, that is all. What sets our God apart is the fact that He not only is the object of our worship and service but He is "God AND our FATHER". 
He is God who desires a relationship with us. He allows us to enter into a relationship with Him. He comes into a relationship with us through His Son Jesus that He refers to as a Father to children. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, God becomes our Father. The Father who loves us, who takes care of us, who provides for us, and who cares about what we are going through. It is not all just a "one way street" like those others where they can only hope to please their god by their acts. All the action is on the adherent's part in hopes that their god will do something for them. For us the action is more on the part of our God and what He has done and does for us-- He gave, He so loved, He called, He draws near, etc.
God is our God, never lose sight of that and give Him the honor and reverence that He is due. But also remember that He is your loving Heavenly Father who really loves you and cares about you and desires a close personal relationship with you as well. 
Have a great day. Our God is not just our God, He is also our Father who loves us.
For further reading:
John 1:12; John 3:16,17
1 John 3:1,2
Psalm 68:5
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