Thursday, January 26, 2012

"What Is Your Boast In?"

"My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad." Psalm 34:2

I have watched, and been in, services that when the speaker starts talking about how those in attendance never should have made it this far because of the people who were against them, the people who tried to destroy them, the people who conspired against them, the people who tried to kill them. They never should have made it but they did and are still here. When this is said, the congregation seems to "go wild". It is as if they are "reveling" in what was "done to them". Please don't misunderstand what I am going to say, we should be rejoicing in the fact that the Lord brought us through and that by His help and grace we did make it- they didn't kill us, the enemy didn't destroy us, we may have been knocked down but we are still here and we are still standing. But should we really be boasting about what was "done to us"... or what was "done for us"?

The part that should make us come up out of our seat, the part that should make us jump for joy, the part that should make us shout the loudest is when Jesus is exalted. It's when He is magnified. And when He is given the honor and glory for what was accomplished in your life. He brought us through. He caused us to live and not die. He put strength in us to endure. He gave us peace of mind so that we didn't go insane. It was His shield of protection around us that guarded us. It was His standard that was raised against the enemy on our behalf. The only reason you and I are still here is because God is for us and He did not let the enemy have his way against us.

So what are you boasting about? The fact that you have been tried, rejected and mistreated? (You know we humans tend to take the things that we have gone through and wear them like some badge of honor for all to see. We want the attention to be on "us"- that's human nature.) We need to get past that. Our boast needs to be in the Lord. We should spend more time, more energy and more resources on telling others how the LORD brought us through the situation than we do on telling what we went through. Yes, let others know that you have been through the "fire" and through the "storm", but don't stay there, let them know how the Lord delivered you from both. You know, David didn't go on and on about the bear and the lion that came against him. He didn't "camp out" in that story. He told the king that he had faced a bear and a lion and how God delivered him from them both and that the Lord would do the same thing with the giant. His boast was not in the attacks against him, but in His God. Where is your boast?

Have a great day. Don't boast about your situation, boast about the God who brought you through it.

For further reading:
Psalm 34:1,17,19; 103:1,2; 18:47-49; 144:10; 97:10

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