Monday, January 16, 2012

"Sin Size"

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

"... from all unrighteousness."
The blood of Jesus doesn't "pick and choose" which sins it forgives and washes away. It washes away "all" of them. We tend to "categorize" sin. We have what we consider "big" sins and "little" sins. And we think that for some reason the "big" ones are either too big for Jesus' blood to forgive or it takes "more" of the blood to take care of them. Then we think that the "little" ones aren't important enough or are too small to bother with- they are so small that the Lord will just let them "slide by". Neither thinking is correct. Sin is sin- big, little or somewhere in between. All sin has to be dealt with. All sin was taken care of by the blood of Jesus.

How small a sin is too small that it is all right for it to be in our lives? Let's say that you have a 55 gallon container full of pure fresh water. If you take one small drop of raw sewage and dropped it in that container of water, would you still drink it? I wouldn't. The water has been contaminated by what? Gallons of raw sewage? No, by one small drop.

How big a sin is too big? We tend to think that mass murders, rapist, people who cheat hundreds of people out of their life savings, are sins that are too big to be forgiven by the blood of Jesus. That is not what the Bible tells us, and it gives us examples of those who did such things and had their sins forgiven and washed clean. We better be glad that God washes away the "big" ones as well. Because we don't know that we might not be the ones whose sins are too big to be forgiven. If sin had a size, who would determine the "size"- whether they are little or big? God would be the one. How would we know that what we consider small He might actually consider big- so that left us out of having our sins forgiven.

I am so thankful that the bottom line is: Jesus shed His blood for all, because all have sinned. And His blood was and is powerful enough to take care of every sin- regardless- and wash away even the stain that might otherwise be left behind.

Have a great day. If sin had a size, the blood of Jesus would still be powerful enough to take care of them all.

For further reading:
1 John 5:17
Romans 3:23; 14:23
James 4:17

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