Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"It's Right In Whose Eyes?"

"In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes." Judges 21:25

During this time in the history of Israel there was no king to govern the people. They had God's law but they ignored it and did not follow it. The priest and the Levities did not follow it either. They did exactly as the verse says, "What was right in their own eyes." This verse sounds like it is talking about our modern day society- especially in the Western world. People are being led by what they deem as "right". They are following their own lusts, feelings and emotions. They are led by selfishness, greed and their own understanding. Sadly, this mentality isn't just reflected in the "world", it seems to be pretty prevalent in the present day church as well.

In the period of time in which the verse above was written there was no regard for the commandments and law of God. Have you noticed how little regard there is for God's word among professing believers? They attend church, but they don't live their lives after the guidelines of God's word. They are doing what is right in their own eyes. Many in the church are living in adultery and immorality- which is contrary to God's word, but it is right in their own eyes. They see nothing wrong with it. They see nothing wrong with cheating, lying, cursing, getting drunk, watching pornography, etc., and they justify it by saying, "For me it isn't wrong". One question-- why isn't it? If God's word says it is wrong then why isn't it wrong for you? God's word is the determining factor as to what is right and what is wrong; what we should be involved in and what we shouldn't; how we should conduct our lives and how we shouldn't; what we should participate in and what we should avoid.

If a person continues to do what is right in their own eyes, it will lead to the ways of death. In Israel during this time, as I said earlier, even the priests and Levities were guilty of doing what was right in their eyes instead of following after and holding God's word up as the only true standard of living. It is clear that these religious leaders weren't following God. So whoever you are- pastor, evangelist, church leader or lay person- if you are doing what is right in your own eyes and ignoring God's word as your guideline, then you aren't following Him either.

As long as we are doing what is right in our own eyes we are not following the Lord. And if we aren't following Him, then we are going in the opposite direction. When we are going in the opposite direction, we will get further and further away from Him and find ourselves on a way that leads to destruction. We must repent and turn back to following Him and doing what is "right in His eyes".

Have a great day. Are you doing what is right in your own eyes? Or are you living your life doing what is right in God's eyes?

For further reading:
Proverbs 12:15; 21:2; 16:25; 3:5
Judges 17:6

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