Monday, November 8, 2010

"Breakfast Foods"

"But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Matthew 4:4

Let's talk about breakfast a little this morning. Here in the United States we have a wide variety of breakfast foods to choose from: pop-tarts, cereal, biscuits, toast, bagels, pancakes, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, donuts, etc. A lot of people prefer to eat something that they can grab with one hand as they go out the door. Me personally, I am not a breakfast eater- I much prefer to eat later in the day. But when I do eat breakfast, I don't want just a bowl of cereal or a pastry, I want a "real" breakfast. Being from the South that means grits, eggs, sausage and homemade biscuits with fruit preserves. That's the kind of breakfast that sticks to your ribs and goes with you throughout the day.

Why did I bring this up? Too many Christians are trying to live on a "spiritual" diet of "cold pastries" and "cereal bars". What do I mean by that? They are trying to grow spiritually and go throughout the day on something that has no "spiritual nutritional" value to it.

The purpose for eating breakfast or any other meal is so that our bodies will receive nutrition and be physically strong. When we feed it the right things, it will be. When we feed it the wrong things, it won't. Likewise, the same thing happens when you feed your "spirit man". Feed it the right thing and it will grow and be strong. Feed it the wrong thing and it won't. And just because it comes packaged as "the Word of God" doesn't mean that it will give you "spiritual nutrition". There's lots on the grocer's shelves that comes labeled as "breakfast" foods but they only fill you up for the moment, they don't give you the nutrition that you need to be strong. So you have to be careful and "eat" the Word of God that is not watered down, compromised, and full of "fluff". You have to feed it more than a gospel that is focused on material things, blessings, a life of ease and self gratification. It takes feeding your spirit man on the rightly divided truth of God's word if you are going to grow and be spiritually healthy.

Have a great day. Are you feeding your spirit man a quick fix meal that has no nutritional value or something that will make it strong and healthy?

For further reading:
Luke 4:4
2 Timothy 2:15; 4:2-4; 3:14-17

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