Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Another Weakness"

"And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years." Mark 5:25

Last week we talked about Zacchaeus who wanted to see Jesus but couldn't. We discovered that it was his own weakness, his height, that made him unable to see Jesus- not the crowd, even though it was large and may have been a hindrance. This morning I want to talk about someone else who wanted to get to Jesus but also had a weakness that made it difficult- the woman with the issue of blood.

Both Zacchaeus and this woman wanted to get to Jesus but they each had a weakness that made it difficult. The difference between the two was: Zacchaeus' was obvious, his problem was easy to recognize- he was short and could not see above the crowd. The woman's problem was not so obvious. She was sick but she was still up and about even though she was weak. I'm sure she didn't look the picture of health, but she probably didn't look like a "walking corpse" either.

Often the things that hinder us from getting to the Lord, from seeing Him, from loving Him wholeheartedly, from serving Him, from following Him are obvious, we know what they are. They are "external"- like Zacchaeus. But then there are some hindrances in our lives that we don't easily recognize- the "internal" ones- as was the case with this woman. We are often like the rich young ruler who came to Jesus wanting to know what his problem was that was keeping him from eternal life/following Jesus. He was doing what the law commanded- the "external"- but there was something else, something "internal" that he still lacked.

Is that you this morning? Is there something that is keeping you from following Jesus but you just can't seem to "put your finger" on it because it is not obvious? Jesus had the young ruler's answer; He knew exactly what the problem was. He knows what your problem is too even when you don't. Do what Zacchaeus and the woman did, make a step of faith and go to Him. Ask Him, "What is that 'internal' thing that hinders me?". He loves you and desires a relationship with you, therefore, He will tell you.

Have a great day. Is the thing that hinders you from following Jesus external or internal?

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