Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Lift Him Up - Part 2"

"And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:23

Yesterday we talked about lifting Jesus up- through our actions, speech, attitude. The Bible says that when we lift Him up men would be drawn to Him. We have to lift Him up before a lost and dying world so that they will have the opportunity to be drawn to Him. We have to lift Him up because He is what they need. None of us are exempt from having problems, and people who don't know Christ as Savior have them too. When we have a problem, we need an answer. (The goal of any problem is to find the answer.) Jesus is the answer to every problem we have. If we need salvation- He is the Savior. If we need deliverance from a besetting sin- He is the one who sets captives free. If we are in bondage- He opens the prison door. If we need abundant life- He is come to give us abundant life. If we need guidance and direction- He is the way. If we need healing- He is the healer. If we are thirsty- He is the rock from which water flows. If we have a need- He is the one who supplies all our need.

Everyone has a need, even the person who shakes their fist in the face of God and says that they don't need Him. They need Him to give them the air they breath that keeps them alive. They need Him to save them because they can't save themselves through any of their good deeds. They need Him to keep the blood flowing through their bodies that sends life to their organs. They need Him to send sunshine and rain. Even if they don't think they need Him now... they will realize in the day of judgment when they stand before Him that they need Him. They will need Him then to be their Advocate. They will need Him to stand in their defense. They will need to have His righteousness applied to their lives. They will need to have His blood applied to their lives testifying that they are in right relationship with God. They will need to have Him write their names in the Book of Life.

We all have needs, we all have problems, but we who have received Christ know the answer to the problems and needs we face--- it's Jesus. We must be lifting Him up so that the lost will find the answer.

Have a great day. We all need Jesus, but the world doesn't know that He is what they need unless we are lifting up their answer before them.

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