Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Acting Like Doves"

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." Matthew 7:20

Yesterday I was watching the birds eat around our bird feeders-- there are always lots of birds. Among them are several doves who frequent the feeder. One of the doves always chances the other doves off if they get too close to where it is feeding. The first time I saw this happen I was rather surprised. Doves represent peace and are symbolic of the Holy Spirit and this dove was acting selfishly by chasing others away. I felt like the Lord showed me that this is how some Christians are.

We are suppose to represent Christ and bear the fruits of the Spirit- peace, love, kindness, etc., but instead our actions and attitudes sometimes represent something else. There are Christians who are selfish instead of being selfless and preferring others above themselves. There are those who are unkind instead of being kind in word and deed. Some Christians are competitive- always wanting to be first, always promoting themselves, putting down those who don't "measure up", "pushing" others aside- instead of taking the last place. Some Christians are mean tempered, critical, judgmental and cruel instead of edifying they are always tearing down with their words. There are some who speak harsh, condemning words instead of having the "law of kindness" in their mouth.

The actions and attitudes I have been describing don't look like Christians should look and don't represent what Christians should represent. Just like I was surprised at the behavior of the dove, we should be surprised at Christian behavior that does not represent who Christians are --- followers of Christ. And we should be surprised when we see that behavior in others or in ourselves. When we see it in ourselves, we must fall before the Lord in repentance and ask the Holy Spirit to help us yield to the change and transformation that He desires to do in our lives to make us more Christ-like.

Have a great day. Do you just "look" like a "dove", or do you act like one too?

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