Friday, July 14, 2017

"Hope Deferred Sickness"

"Hope deferred maketh the heart sick..."  Proverbs 13:12

When our physical bodies are sick, when something causes them to be ill, when we have a disease, our bodies are weakened.  In that weakened state they are susceptible and vulnerable to attacks by other diseases.  In their weakened state they can contract other illnesses. 

When that which we had hoped for does not happen.  When it is delayed.  When it is not working out.  Our hearts become sick-- weak, wounded, ill.  Like our bodies, our hearts become susceptible and vulnerable to attacks, "dis-eases" and spiritual illness.  It is vulnerable to criticism, to bitterness, to unforgiveness, to anger, resentment, frustration, jealousy, and if not "healed" can lead to hate.  Hate then becomes like a "cancer" growing in your spiritual-- destroying your spiritual life.  

We all get disappointed.  We all don't always get what we hoped for.  We all get sad when what we hoped for doesn't happen.  But we MUST when hope is deferred, guard our hearts.  We must protect them.  We must keep them healthy.  Deferred hope weakens our spiritual immune system so we must take our spiritual "vitamins" when our hope is deferred. 

What are those spiritual vitamins that will keep our hearts well and protected even in times of deferred hope?  They are the Word of God-- read it, meditate on it, keep it in your mouth by repeating it over and over again and again.  They are prayer-- go to God with your sadness and disappointment.  They are praying in the Spirit-- this will build your faith (your spiritual immune system).  They are praise-- even if it is a sacrifice to praise, even if you don't feel like praising, praise anyway.  (You will get up out of bed and take your pills/medicine for your body even if you don't feel like it.)Praise is powerful. 

So when hope deferred comes, and it will sometime throughout your lifetime, strengthen your spiritual immune system and don't give into it.  You will be closing the door to other "dis-eases" (the things that go against your ease/peace) when you do.  Actually, you should take your spiritual "vitamins" daily so that your faith will be strong when deferred hope comes and can combat it up front. 

Have a great day.  Keep your spiritual immune system healthy.

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