Friday, May 10, 2013

"He Is Always Right"

".....great is thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3:23
A lady and I were talking yesterday about how every time you turn around a new report by some agency or professional has come out with new information pertaining to what we should and shouldn't be eating or doing. One day they tell you this is bad for you and the next day they say it is not. Then they will tell you something else, which a little later down the road turns out to be wrong as well. It is so confusing, you never know. 
The word here for faithfulness means steadiness, steadfastness, firmness. God is steadfast- He is unchanging. You never have to wonder about Him. He never changes His mind, or opinion, from day to day. He doesn't change His thoughts about the issues. For example, if He ever said something was sin, it is still sin. If He ever said something was acceptable, it is still acceptable.
Whatever God has said, He still says- He never changes His mind about it. He is faithful- firm in nature, firm in His word. He doesn't change just because society changes. He doesn't discover that He was wrong about something and retract it. He doesn't rewrite the "manual" to stay current-- He has been current forever. Therefore, we can trust Him and we can trust His word. We don't have to wonder if it still means what it says or has it changed.
Have a great day. God is always right. He doesn't discover that He was wrong about something and has to change what He said. 
For further reading:
Malachi 3:6
Psalm 119:89
Matthew 24:35
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