Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Your Relationship With The Word"

"Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them." Psalm 119:165

We can have peace and we can have great peace. The key is in loving God's word/law and looking to it. His word is not just characters of black ink written on white paper, it is a person-- Jesus is the Word. Peace isn't just a concept, it is a person-- Jesus is the Prince of Peace. So when we love His word and when we look to His word, we are looking to and loving Jesus.

Each time we look into His word we are looking at Him. Each time we seek the counsel of His word we are seeking Him. Each time we bring the word into our situation, we are bringing Him into the situation. This is the reason why we find strength, life, hope, help, guidance and wisdom when we look into His word-- we are finding Him.

So, what is your relationship with Jesus? What is your relationship with His word? They are one in the same. We can't neglect the written word day after day and not think that it won't affect our relationship with Him. By reading the word, meditating on it, applying it, hiding it in our hearts and obeying it we are growing deeper in our relationship with Him and reinforcing any weak areas in that relationship. By neglecting the word the opposite is true- it leads to a weak relationship.

Have a great day. Your relationship with the written word is a reflection of your relationship with the Living Word.

For further reading:
John 1:1,14
Isaiah 9:6

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