Thursday, July 28, 2011

"A House Out of Order"

Dear All,
I want to thank you for your prayers for my husband... and your notes of concern and encouragement. Everything went well and we are back home now. I saw the Lord's wonderful keeping power and His how beautifully He moved on our behalf. I give Him praise and glory this morning.
Love and blessings,

"...Set thine house in order..." Isaiah 38:1ff

As most of you know, a week ago I went on a trip for a few days. Since I have been back- starting the very next morning after I returned- I have not had a minute to slow down (appointments, meetings, demands on my time- I won't bore you with all the details). Then my husband wound up having a heart cath and I have been on the go with that. I took a look around my neglected office this morning at the paper work that has piled up on my desk- bills that need attention, receipts that need to be filed, mail that needs to be sorted, etc. and thought- "this afternoon when I get back home, I have to get this office in order!'. At that moment, this verse came to me- "Set your house in order", and the Lord began to speak to me about this.

There are things that require our attention and we should give it to them. We should not be slothful or lazy in our business affairs, we should have good work ethics, we should not ignore our responsibilities, we should be diligent in every area of life. But we must also stop and take inventory of our "whole" life-- namely, our "spiritual" life.

Are we spending more time concerned with getting our "natural" life in order than we are with getting our "spiritual" life in order? You can work on taking care of the natural and neglect the spiritual until it is completely "out of order". Is your attention given first, and more, to your physical/natural well-being, or to your spiritual well-being? Which one of the two has your primary focus? Which one is your first priority?

Again, we should be taking care of business and not neglect our responsibilities, but our relationship with the Heavenly Father should be the first thing on our "to do list". Last night as I was answering my emails, I discovered a renewal notice for my website. It was due yesterday. Thank the Lord He brought it to my attention when He did, or it would have caused me to lose it and have to pay a higher price to have a new one. Neglect often cost us- it carries a price. We can't afford to neglect our spiritual man and relationship with the Lord either- it will cost us something if we do. And the price is too great to pay.

Have a great day. Don't neglect your physical responsibilities, but mainly don't neglect your "spiritual" life.

For further reading:
Hebrews 2:3
Matthew 6:19,33; 24:35

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