Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Who Is In The Boat"

"And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?" Mark 4:41

The disciples were in a storm. The boat was filling with water, the winds were blowing, the waves were beating upon them, the situation looked like sure destruction or death. Jesus was in the boat with them during this storm. You know the story, they woke Him up to save them and He rebuked the storm and the sea became calm. The next conversation we hear from the disciples is not one of praise because they were safe or worship because Jesus had done such a miracle, but one of awe and fear about the true identity and nature of Jesus.

We all go through storms in our lives. They may not be literal like the one the disciples faced but they are very real, nevertheless, and threaten to destroy us. When we go through these storms, most of us have no doubt believing that Jesus is with us in the storm. But we too are often like the disciples, we don't know who is in the storm with us. Or at least we act like we don't know.

We often act just like the disciples- fearful, worried and anxious. We fret over the storm. We act like, though Jesus is in the storm with us, He is powerless to do anything about it. We act like the storm is going to drown us and there is nothing that can be done about it.

It's one thing to know He is in the boat with you, it's another thing to remember who He is that is in the boat. Incase you have forgotten, let me remind you this morning of just who He is. He is the one who speaks peace to the troubling situation. He is the one who rebukes the winds and the waves- the lies and the fears. He is the one who created the universe, who calls the stars by name, who spoke into nothing and created everything. He is the one to whom every knee shall bow. He is the one who has a name that is above every name. He is the one who destroyed the works of the enemy at the cross then paraded His defeat of the devil before all spiritual beings- angels and demons alike. He is the one who causes demons to flee, the rocks to cry out, the hills to skip like young rams, water to come out of a rock. He speaks to ravens and they fed a prophet. He turns water into wine, puts money in fishes mouths, sends manna from heaven. He is an ark of safety. His name is a strong tower. He is healer, deliverer and provider. He is the Prince of Peace, the Beginning and the End, the Almighty God. Should I go on?

Storms of life come to all of us and when they do it's not enough to just remember that Jesus is in the boat with you, but you also have to remember who He is that is in the boat with you.

Have a great day. It is the Almighty God who is all powerful and able to do anything that is in the storm with you.

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